Hotel complex "RUSSIA". Official site. Tiraspol, Transnistria. Includes: hotel; a restaurant; Cafe; conference hall; VIP room; summer cafe; Casino.

Contact Information

  • Hotel: +373 533 38000
  • Cafe: +373 779 51678
  • hotelrussia-tir
  • MD-3300, Moldova,
  • Transnistria, Tiraspol, st. Sverdlova, 69


       The summer cafe "STEFANIA" is located in the hotel courtyard, away from noisy roads and dusty streets. You will find the care of our waiters, a cozy interior in which you can hide from the sun and rain. Our chefs will cook delicious dishes for you (European and Japanese cuisine, grilled dishes). The novelty of this summer is freshly baked pizza for every taste. The assortment of draft fresh beer, a variety of hookahs. Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday live music.